A free digital fanzine celebrating the 20th and 1st anniversaries of the "Hikaru no Go" anime and "Qi Hun" web drama. The 20x20 Zine wishes to commemorate the HikaGo series with everyone in the community.


The Zine

20x20 is a digital zine celebrating the Hikaru no Go [ヒカルの碁] series with a compilation of artworks and short stories. The title format itself is inspired by typical Goban sizes (9x9, 13x13, 19x19, etc.).

The first 20 represents the anime that will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. The next 20 represents the 1st anniversary of "Qi Hun" [棋魂], a web drama released in October 2020 which introduced HikaGo to a modern audience.

If the zine comes into fruition, we aim to release it on October 31, 2021.

As this zine was born from nostalgia, the main concept revolves around recollection. Embracing one of HikaGo’s themes of “connecting the past and the future.”

The title follows the naming of standard Goban sizes. Contents are then divided into timelines, identified by a specific grid size. (Plus Komi for the people who can get the logic behind choosing our Goban grid size!)

5x5: Beginning~Go Club Days
9x9: Insei~Pro Exams
13x13: Post-Pro Exams ~ Hokuto Cup Tournament
19x19: Post-Series

This will be further elaborated and improved while the application period is ongoing.

The Moderators

Having met each other in another zine, Jo reached out to Ankh and Yuzu for help with starting this zine! (Help us, we’re being held by Jo’s spirit) Get to learn more about them in this section!

Jo (Meijin)

Our head mod is a long-time fan of HikaGo, which inspired her to take up art and drawing (although she never did learn how to play Go). Specializing in design and promotions, her previous experiences include modding for the Usual Suspects Zine and dealing with corporate.

Current Quote: "Hikaru Shindo walked with bleached bangs so your K-Pop idols could run."

Previous Zine: Usual Suspects

Five Emojis: 🥴📢😭💸🙃

Social Media: Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram

Ankh (Honinbo)

A "full time clown", a quote directly from them, they're in charge of copywriting announcements & social media posts (hello!) as well as beta-reading written submissions. Specialising in bad puns and staying up way past their bedtime, they're new to the HikaGo series and would love to know more about it!

Current Quote: "I know nothing about Go, but hopefully my jokes go somewhere."

Previous Zine: Usual Suspects

Five Emojis: 🤡😩👀💜💀

Social Media: Tumblr | Twitter | AO3

Yuzu (Honinbo)

Our most experienced mod, Yuzu is our go-to adviser and art mod who has a deep love for sports anime and the great passion that goes along with it! They're really excited to be part of this celebratory project and they're eager to learn more about HikaGo!

Current Quote: "Fujiwara no Sai is cute."

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DateEvent (Bound to Change without Prior Notice)
Jun 12th~18thApps Open
Jul 19th~25thApproval & Onboarding Period
Jul 26th~31stDraft Proposal & Approval
Aug 1st~11th1st Check In - Sketch / Draft
Aug 12th~14thReview & Comments
Aug 15th~Sep 15th2nd Check In - 70%
Sep 16th~20thReview & Comments
Sep 21st~27th3rd Check In - 90%
Aug 28th~31stReview & Comments
Oct 5thFinal Submission Deadline
Oct 10thHikaru no Go Anime 20th Anniversary
Oct 25thExpected Zine Completion
Oct 27th"Qi Hun" Web Drama 1st Anniversary
Oct 31stDigital Zine Release